Who we are

 As a separate campaign from our regular work, we are assisting fire victims who lost their homes and invite you to consider contributing to our efforts to re-house these folks. You can specify this gift when you click on the “Donate” button below.

Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to holistically support people working hard but struggling to make it in the Rogue Valley.

 Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley’s (MGRV) primary goal is to decrease the threat of dispossession of employed individuals whose wages do not match the costs of basic living. 

 Our subset goals focus on long-term stability, increasing skills for navigating trials and strengthening emotional fortitude to handle life’s ongoing challenges.

We work to facilitate stability and autonomy through a mutually agreed upon Individual Development Plan (IDP) which specifically seeks to bring clients into an ongoing relationship with MGRV until a workable spending plan and larger strategy is implemented. 

We believe in each individual’s capacity to succeed, so we require clients to commit to some level of coaching or mentoring in exchange for assistance. It is our goal to strengthen people in all areas of life so they are better equipped to anticipate challenges and head them off before situations become irreversible.  In other words, MGRV wants to see people do more than tread water while decreasing stress and anxiety over simple survival.

 As we provide practical help in areas of need that are physical, financial, emotional and spiritual, we offer hope for a bright future.

’s Gate Rogue Valley uplifts and empowers those at risk of homelessness by offering resources, community connections, and creative strategies for long term stability.

MGRV’s mission is made possible by the unified financial and volunteer efforts of a coalition of local churches, and generous individual donors. Our community is stronger when we work together for effective and meaningful assistance and joining with area churches and volunteers brings some of the best of resources to help at critical times in life’s journey.


golden_gateWhy Mercy’s Gate?
During Bible times, there was a common gate in the Old City of Jerusalem that worshipers of God entered through called the Golden Gate, or the Gate Beautiful. People entered here to come into the Temple to worship and pray to God. They were seeking the Mercy of God for their lives and situations so it also came to be known as the Gate of Mercy. Some less fortunate people were unable to enter the temple because of poverty or illness and disability. These people positioned themselves at this “Mercy Gate” hoping to receive help and compassion from those entering the temple.

You can read a specific occurrence of this in Acts Chapter 3 in the Bible where a man who was born unable to walk received an amazing gift of complete healing at this gate. Naming this organization “Mercy’s Gate” expresses our desire to create a place where people with pressing needs can meet others connected to God and receive helpful support. We want to encourage those who enter here and share hope during difficult seasons of life. It is our desire to see all who come to Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley become connected to the God of Mercy and to a community of believers who can encourage personal and spiritual growth.

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