Delighted to welcome Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley to Southern Oregon. This is a much-needed ministry that serves our community as well as provides a much needed relief to local churches. I look forward to working with and supporting Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley as we work together in serving the most vulnerable and needy within our community.
—Perry Atkinson, President/CEO, The Dove Radio & TV


Mercy’s Gate provides an excellent opportunity for the churches of the Rogue Valley to join together in ministering to those in need. I look forward to joining hands with Mercy’s Gate in expressing the compassion and mercy of Christ in a time of need.
Pastor Wes Wornell, Life Path Church of the Nazarene.


Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley is an outstanding example of the Body of Christ working in unison to meet a crucial cultural need. More than a give-away-program, MGRV is well-rounded, thoroughly grounded, well planned, and proven approach to meeting material and spiritual needs. It will be a clear and effective witness and a source of aid and encouragement to people across the spectrum in our valley.
Rick Booye, Sr. Pastor, Trail Christian Fellowship


In his book, “The Name of God is Mercy,” Pope Francis underscores Mercy as the underlying and central theme of the Bible. Mercy transcends the differences that separate us.  So it is with hope that I welcome the development of Mercy’s Gate – Rogue Valley as yet another method to extend God’s mercy to those hurting and broken within our community.   It is in the spirit of mercy that I hope we can work together to heal the brokenness that surrounds us.
Randolph Miller, Pastor, Eastwood Baptist Church. 


Mercy’s Gate is a great idea and a ministry that will greatly help the churches of the Rogue Valley to more effectively extend compassion to the least among us.
Dale Schaeffer, Lead Pastor Medford First Church of the Nazarene


The leadership of our church enthusiastically supports Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley. Mercy’s Gate has a biblical Christ-centered approach to caring for the most vulnerable in our society. Mercy’s Gate works in partnership with churches to demonstrate and communicate Christ’s love, forgiveness and mercy. They seek to live out Micah’s words: “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”(Micah 6:8)
Larry Jung, Lead Pastor, Jacksonville Presbyterian Church


Jesus loved in a way that met mans deepest need, forgiveness. His love is authentic and compassionate. He commissioned his disciples to demonstrate this love by expressing the Gospel in mercy towards mankind. Showing mercy is a gateway to Jesus for many. Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley approaches our community holistically, Jesus style, meeting practical needs through acts of mercy and spiritual needs through unconditional love.
Jim Wright, Lead Pastor, Mountain Church                                                      


The wonderful thing about Mercy’s Gate Rogue Valley is the unique aspect of going beyond merely meeting a need but equipping individuals with the tools to break the cycle of the need. God’s desire for all His children is to more than survive but to thrive. MGRV has challenged us in the Christian community to look beyond the meeting of a need and focus on eliminating the cause. With God’s grace this will have a huge positive impact on those individuals here in the Rogue Valley who are just getting by.
Tom Sabens, Senior Pastor, Grace Point Fellowship


Jesus tells us that when we serve “the least of these,” we are serving Him. Mercy’s Gate is a fantastic opportunity for us to live out our faith by loving people in need, all in Jesus’ name. Indeed, it’s a way to serve Jesus himself.
Dr. Barnabas Sprinkle, Westminster Presbyterian Church